We, as members of the Oxnard Police Department, are committed to the following core values in providing the people of Oxnard with personalized and effective service:

  • We value honesty and integrity.
  • We value the cultural diversity within our community and within our department.
  • We value the partnerships we form with all members of our community.
  • We value a strong work ethic.
  • We value a reverence for all laws.
  • We value the public’s trust.
  • We value respect for others.

A Message From The Chief

On behalf of the Oxnard Police Department, I am proud to welcome you to our new website! You will find that our new site is a lot more user-friendly, and by extension of our mission statement aimed at, Protecting our Community with Exceptional Service.

Our focus on the site and with our work continues to be on our Core Values, which embrace respect a strong work ethic, community partnerships, reverence for all laws, cultural diversity, honesty and integrity, and a value for the public's trust.

Please take a look, and let us know what you think.

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Today is #InternationalMentoringDay! Today we celebrate the worldwide power of mentoring inspired by Muhammad Ali's legacy. "Mentors are special gifts to the world. They encourage, motivate, reinforce, and guide others to reach their own greatness." - Lonnie Ali

During our Heroes and Helpers event in December Commander Giles & Sr. Officer Pena took a special photo with their former Field Training Officer, Chief Whitney. Nearly 25 years ago Chief Whitney began his mentorship role as a Field Training Officer (FTO). An FTO is specially trained to instruct new Police Officers. An FTO is a teacher, evaluator, and role model. Our Department has 23 members in our Field Training Program who play a special role in the development and guidance of new officers.

Today we will be sharing stories and videos of mentors in our Department & community.

How has mentorship impacted your life?

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