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I am honored to welcome you to the Oxnard Police Department's "Ask the Chief" page of our website. This page was developed to provide our residents and visitors a forum to ask me any question you may have about the Oxnard Police Department or any of it's many programs.

If you have questions of me, then you are at the right place. To stay informed as to what our residents are inquiring about, visit this page often. Thank you in advance for taking the time to ask your questions and giving me the opportunity to address them.

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Gang Injunction

The gang injunction has simply spread the crime west. For the first time ever I have seen Colonia Chiques graffiti in my neighborhood, last week on Christa McCauliffe School on Via Marina Av. and today on the wall at Leeward Village apartments on Leeward. They also have increased their graffiti on Silverstrand Beach especially at the Ship. And I thought graffiti vandals don't spray paint on murals. All the injunction has done is make safer the area the gangsters live and where the most indifference to the gang problem is shown. Nice weekend at Lake Casitas. Everything is about statistics, isn't it? End the injunction. What did we do to deserve the Chiques in our neighborhoods besides get jumped and robbed by them since 3rd grade?

Mike Thompson
Oxnard, CA


The gang injunction is not the sole solution to gangs or gang violence. It is another enforcement tool that has proven very effective since the injunction was granted in March of 2004. We are very involved in prevention and early intervention strategies that address issues that cause young people to get involved with gangs. To this point we have not experienced the displacement of the gang into other areas. I understand your frustration and concern about seeing graffiti in your neighborhood. That is the number one concern with all neighborhoods that I meet with. The City of Oxnard spends over a million dollars to abate, investigate and prosecute incidents of graffiti. I encourage you to call us when you observe graffiti in you neighborhood and let us determine if it is gang graffiti or the work of a tagger. While we do rely on statistics to measure effectiveness, we also rely heavily on qualitative feedback from our residents, which you have provided in your message. I also encourage you to contact your beat coordinator, Officer Jose Silva, to express your concerns and talk to him about what is happening in your neighborhood. Our goal is to address incidents of crime, traffic and quality of life in Oxnard and to achieve the City Council's mission of Clean, Safe, Prosperous and Attractive neighborhoods.

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