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I am honored to welcome you to the Oxnard Police Department's "Ask the Chief" page of our website. This page was developed to provide our residents and visitors a forum to ask me any question you may have about the Oxnard Police Department or any of it's many programs.

If you have questions of me, then you are at the right place. To stay informed as to what our residents are inquiring about, visit this page often. Thank you in advance for taking the time to ask your questions and giving me the opportunity to address them.

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Dog barking nuisance

Dear Chief Crombach,
There seems to be NO help for a neighbor who is bothered the most by loud barking dogs,when a SECOND neighbor WON'T sign for one reason or another. There is NO law in between to help the one neighbor.
Oxnard Animal Control's complaint form leaves the impression that a hearing is held in the BIG court house before a real judge and this can scare neighbors out of signing, because we thought that, and so did another neighbor. Then I found out the hearing is held in the City Hall.
It seems like the law needs to be changed, and the forms need to be reworded.
This problem went on for about two years and the noise at times was so bad that my husband had to wear earplugs in the garage to type on the computer and his hands would start shaking when the dogs (one was a Pittbull)went crazy, and he would have to turn off the computer and leave the house! He is allowed to work at home now and commutes one day a week as an engineer at the Aerospace Corp, in El Segundo. He also teaches, so the racket freaked him out when he he'd be trying to consentrate. Not only that, he would have to wear ear plugs to work in the back yard!
We could hardly hear our tv programs sometimes, and the barking ruined many a meal for us. people. We finally had to yell at the dogs and the people, but it fell on deaf ears!
The noise caused us health problems and I told the police dept. that we aren't robots!
On the weekends we couldn't get any help at all. Animal control was closed down, and I'm sure the dog owners were smart to this. Then the police dispatcher would tell us they don't come out for dog barking, and that only frustrated us more! They could even hear the racket over the phone! One evening I told the dispatcher that Supervisor Flynn was trying to help us, and they sent two officers out, and all they could do was talk to the dog owner, and she could have cared less!
Her 41 yr. old husband died there, and I heard he had cocaine in him, but not sure it's true. When we're in trouble, and the police won't help us, what are we suppose to do?
That's what causes people to take the law into their own hands.
Apparently, the woman got her house reposessed, and she had to move. Thank God!!
I'm writing this in hopes you can do something up there about this terrible problem. Some of our things got ruined, because we freaked out trying to get our of here, but didn't know where to go. It was a terrible time for us to move,but we were being forced to, but are still here!
I apologize for this was so long.
However,I do want to wish you a happy new year, and good luck on your new job. Ellen and Dennis Quine


I have a great deal of compassion for those who experience the nuisance of a barking dog. I don't believe there are bad dogs, however there are plenty of bad owners. It is unfortunate that those owners will not practice being good neighbors and do what is necessary to keep their dog from disturbing others. The Oxnard City Code established the policy for our Animal Control personnel when dealing with these nuisance issues. If two or more parties complain about a barking dog then Animal Control personnel proceed with the nuisance investigation and cause the dog owner to appear before a hearing officer. The dog owner is held accountable for taking steps to eliminate the disturbance or Animal Control will take intervention measures up to seizing the dog. If you continue to have your peace disturbed, please call the police and we will send officers to do what is possible at that time to address the issue. Please understand that we will do what we can to solve these issues in a reasonable time frame. If you have any questions related to the specific language in the City Code, please contact Senior Animal Control Officer Lisa Jenkins at 805-385-7640. I would also encourage you to contact your Beat Coordinator and speak to them about quality of life issues such as this. The Beat Coordinator is your neighborhood contact.

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