» End Gang Violence
Information for parents, community members and service providers on ending gang violence

» Chaplains
The Chaplain Program consists of four men who volunteer their time and are dedicated to the well-being of police officers, firefighters and community members in Oxnard.
» Crime Free Business
Crime Free Business is the latest addition to an extensive list of programs offered through the International Crime Free Association, Inc. (on the Internet at The strategies and materials presented in Crime Free Business are based on research conducted among Los Angeles businesses by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and decades of studies conducted by government and university researchers nationwide.
» Crime Stoppers
Ventura County Crime Stoppers helps local law enforcement solve crimes by offering rewards for information in criminal cases.
» Crisis Team
The Crisis Intervention Team is a group of Oxnard police personnel trained in how to handle incidents involving the mentally ill.
» Cultural Proficiency
We work in a tremendously diverse community which has virtually every ethnic, religious, and socio-economic class represented. Likewise, our workplace of 400 employees encompasses a wide spectrum of cultures. The Oxnard Police Department has developed a Cultural Proficiency program to help our employees, and in turn the organization, to be better equipped to recognize and respect the differences in each of us. We want to be a model for other law enforcement agencies.
D.E.F.Y. details the Oxnard Police Department's Drug Education for Youth Program.
» Explorers
The Oxnard Explorers are high school and college students interested in law enforcement who volunteer their time with the Oxnard Police Department. Their duties and privileges include detail services, bi-monthly meetings, officer ride alongs, police training (shooting, tactics, scenarios, etc), communications training, and much more.
» Gang Awareness Presentations
Several programs are in place to help steer at youth risk away from the gang life, and have had a positive impact on hundreds of children in the community.
» Neighborhood Watch
The City of Oxnard has some very active Neighborhood Watch (also known as "Citizen Patrol") groups. Learn which patrols are where and how to get in touch with the chairpersons on this page.
» Oxnard Police and Fire Underwater Search and Rescue Team
To provide the residents of the city of Oxnard a team of fast responding, qualified Public Safety Divers who can safely conduct underwater rescue, recovery, and security operations.
The Police Activities League [P.A.L.] tells about this prevention and intervention program for Oxnard's youth.
» Parent Project
The Parent Project involves the parents of children suspected of minor criminal activity and gives them the tools to deal with their at-risk children.
» RAD & radKIDS
RAD is Rape Against Defense, and Resisting Aggression Defensively for radKids. The Oxnard Police Department, in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Oxnard and Port Hueneme, is offering self defense violence prevention classes for the community.
» Reserve Officers Unit
The Oxnard Police Reserve Officers Unit is a program designed to give members of the community a chance to give something back by volunteering their time as police officers.
S.T.O.P. contains an informational brochure on the Oxnard Student Truancy Offender Program.
» StreetBeat!
StreetBeat! was the nation's first televised crime prevention show. Learn more about its history and airing times.
» Youth Academy
The Oxnard Police Academy for Young Adults is designed for junior and senior school-aged residents of Oxnard.

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Beat 11
» Cabrillo area
Martin Remmen (985-6902)
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Herb Smith (983-1540)
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Roger Pariseau (377-8879)
Beat 12
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Jan Paxton (983-3973)
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Phyllis Villareal (984-2148)
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Will Coulon (487-3154)
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Manuel Cano (485-6719)
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Beat 41
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Ed Ellis (486-9197)
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Ulysses Reyes (487-1341)
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