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Class schedule information and requests for additional classes are available by contacting Officer Erica Escalante or call (805) 982-7020.

RAD Basic for Women (ages 12-112 years) - Rape Aggression Defense

This is a 12 hour physical Rape Aggression Defense class, which is conducted in five 3-hour sessions. The first three hours will be a lecture on awareness and crime prevention. The rest of the sessions involve physical techniques, including an optional final session with simulation exercises where students can put their freshly learned techniques to use against some "aggressors." Everyone wears full padding, and nobody gets hurt. This class adheres to the philosophy of confidentiality and empowerment for the women. All classes are closed to everyone except the students and instructors. We accept a $20 donation to the Police Foundation. To read more about the RAD class for women you can find their website HERE

RAD Advanced for Women

This is a follow up class to the RAD Basic class for women who want to learn additional defense techniques. The class is conducted in 4 blocks of two or three 3-hour sessions. The 5 blocks include: additional striking and kicking techniques, defense against multiple aggressors, ground defense, and defense against gun/knife weapons.

RAD classes are offered 3-4 times each year on Thursday evenings at the Wilson Senior Center, 350 N C St (Palm Dr/C St), through the City of Oxnard Recreational Services and advertised in the City Recreational Guide, which can be viewed at

radKIDS - resisting aggression defensively for children (ages 3 - 12 years)

radKIDS gives children the tools they need in everyday life to recognize, avoid, resist and escape violence. They learn not just by listening and seeing, but by DOING. Parent participation is encouraged but not required. The class objective is to reduce the ABC'S of violence against children: Abduction, Bullying (school/gang violence), and Child abuse/neglect/sexual assault. If you would like to read more about the radKIDS program go HERE

The children learn the following 3 principles:

  1. NO ONE has the right to hurt me because I am special.
  2. I do not have the right to hurt anyone, unless that person is trying to hurt me, then I can STOP that from happening.
  3. If someone does try to hurt/trick me or make me feel uncomfortable/bad inside, it is NOT my fault, and I can TELL an adult about it.

radKIDS classes are offered through Boys & Girls Club after-school programs at various sites in the Rio and Hueneme School Districts. Classes are also offered through the City of Oxnard Recreational Services Pre-School programs.



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