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A Better Choice

The program was originally designed by the combined efforts of the Ventura County Juvenile Probation Department and the Ventura County Mental Health Department. Training was provided to Oxnard officers by these agencies. The materials used for the class are worksheets, music and the lyrics to music. The classes include:

The first class is a chance for the youth to get to know the facilitators and for the facilitators to meet the youth. At the orientation the participants complete an "assessment sheet."

This session helps the youth understand self-esteem as a critical ingredient in human development.

Alcohol & Drugs
This session deals with the concept of vulnerability to addiction.

This session is connected to alcohol and drugs. It deals with taking a look at rules within families and understanding the purpose of surviving / coping with a dysfunctional family system and the effects that alcohol and drugs has on the family system.

This session will show the way we connect ourselves to the world around us and how it shapes us, how it influences our lives, how it determines who we are and the quality of life that we live.

This session shows the way we connect to the world around us and to show how it shapes us, how it influences our lives, how it determines who we are and the quality of life that we have.

This session will assist the youth understand how social and economic conditions, along with education, impact the development of one's self image.

Education & Employment
This session will help the youth understand the role of education in employment and career and how it impacts and defines our quality of life.

Violence (Gangs)
This session will show the participants that they do have choices other than belonging to a gang.

Participants who successfully complete the program receive a certificate of completion and are asked to assist with future classes. The ABC Program was founded by Oxnard Police Officer Victor Boswell. If you are interested in enrolling, please e-mail Officer Boswell or call (805) 639-9140.



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