Neighborhood Watch

What is Neighborhood Watch? Human beings living near or next to others must have a certain amount of consideration for one another. The image of the neighborhood is important. Each person must consider every other person.

Time has proven that a few persons in any neighborhood, even in a neighborhood of nations, lack a proper amount of consideration for others. Eventually, people who wish to live in a quiet and peaceful environment must become proactive and assist one another in maintaining order.

Neighborhood Watch is an organized group of neighbors who spend some of their time observing more closely any activity or situation that depreciates the appearance or safety of their community. Neighborhood Watch is, as the name implies, a group of people who see the subtle, and not so subtle changes of their neighborhood. They simply observe and report violations of ordinances and laws to the proper enforcement agencies.

Neighborhood Watch simply consists of neighbors who watch. They report everything from crimes in progress to a slow buildup of weeds and rubbish on a property in their neighborhood. If you are interested in becoming an active member of Neighborhood Watch, call the representative of your neighborhood from the list below for more information.

Questions About Neighborhood Watch?
If you have questions about the Oxnard Neighborhood Watch Program, call (805) 385-7631. We will try to answer any questions you may have and forward specific requests to the proper neighborhood watch groups.

Beat 21
Sea-Air Contact: Dr. Howard Fox, Chairperson
Via Marina
Watch: Butch Merkel, Co-Chairperson
Watch: Harry Finney, Co-Chairperson
Oxnard Shores Watch: Phyllis Villareal, Chairperson
Sea View Estates Watch: Ralph Shepard, Chairperson
Via Marina Council: Randy Elliott, Chairperson
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Beat 41
Blackstock South Yucca St. to Bard Rd.; Saviers Rd. to County Railroad Tracks
Contact: Edmund D. Ellis, Jr. (805.484.9197)
Blackstock North Channel Islands Blvd. to Yucca Street; Saviers Rd. to Railroad Tracks
Contact: Nancy Rahn (805.486.0364)
College Estates Channel Islands Blvd. to Bard Rd.; Rose Ave. to Railroad Tracks
Contact: Dave Smally (805.488.4225)
Redwood Channel Islands Blvd. to Pearson; Ventura Rd. to "J" St.
Contact: Ray Price (805.486.0776)
Bryce Canyon North Channel Islands Blvd. to Yucca St.; Saviers Rd. to "J" St.
Contact: Lyle Ensminger (805.483.9385)
Bryce Canyon South Yucca St. to Bard Rd.; Saviers Rd. to "J" St.
Contact: Dave Beaty (805.486.8144)
College Park Butler Rd. to Pleasant Valley Rd.; Olds Rd.
Contact: Martin D. Jones (805.488.1846)
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Security Tips
by the Sea View/Sea Air Neighborhood Watches

Neighbors watching out for each other is the basic concept of neighborhood patrolling.
Know the neighbors on all sides of you.
Learn what vehicles belong there.
Secure your home when you leave even for short periods of time.
Deny the burglar the opportunity to make you a victim by securing all doors and windows before you leave!
Garage burglaries often occur during the day. The thief simply walks into an open garage, removes what they want and is gone in a minute or two.
The safest place for your car is in your garage.
The second safest place for your car is in your driveway locked up.
All valuables should be removed from your vehicle or at least placed out of sight.
Attend neighborhood patrol meetings to keep informed about crime problems in your area and to discuss what can be done to reduce crime.
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Manuel Cano (485-6719)
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Ed Ellis (486-9197)
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Ulysses Reyes (487-1341)
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