News release - 7/17/2014

Published 7/17/2014 (all press releases for this day)

Jeri Williams
Chief of Police
Oxnard Police Department

R. Jason Benites
Assistant Chief

Scott Whitney
Assistant Chief



INCIDENT: Multiple Vehicle Burglaries 
DATE/TIME: Various Dates & Times
LOCATION: City Buffet at 1600 Ives Avenue, Oxnard
VICTIM(S): Multiple 
SUSPECT(S): Unknown
PREPARED BY: Detective Lucy Buttell (805) 385-7605
Miguel Lopez (805) 385-7631

DETAILS: (OXNARD, Calif) In an effort to keep residents informed, engaged, and empowered to address crime trends, the Oxnard Police Department has identified a pattern in the area of the City Buffet, 1600 Ives Avenue, in the City of Oxnard.

The target vehicles belong to patrons that are left unlocked or with valuables left unattended in vehicles. The Oxnard Police Department would like to remind and encourage community members to secure their vehicles and not leave valuables in plain sight. Community members are encouraged to call the Oxnard Police Department with information on any suspicious persons or activity.
Below we offer some tips to help prevent burglaries to your vehicle:
·         An unlocked car is an invitation to a thief - lock your vehicle before leaving it and take the keys.
·         Close all of the windows - thieves can open vehicles through the smallest of openings.
·         Lock your vehicle even if you only make a brief stop at a gas station, store or mall.
·         At night, park in well-lit and active areas.
·         Keep your registration in your wallet or purse, not in the car. 
·         Do not leave your garage door opener in your vehicle. It can be stolen and used to return and enter your house (with an address they can obtain from any mailings in your vehicle).
This investigation is ongoing. If anyone has witnessed these incidents or has any information about this case, please call the Oxnard Police Department’s Communication Center at (805) 385-7740. Your call will be answered at any time - can be anonymous - and translators are available. In addition, you may also call Ventura County Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477, to report a crime anonymous.
You can also visit this site submit a tip via text or email. 
DATE / TIME PREPARED:  07/17/14, 12:30 pm. 

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