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Jeri Williams
Chief of Police
Oxnard Police Department

R. Jason Benites
Assistant Chief

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INCIDENT: Operation Safer & Stronger:  Two Public Safety Seminars
DATE/TIME: Crime Prevention for Businesses, July 14, 2014 @ 6:00 p.m.
Neighborhood Watch Training, July 16, 2014 @ 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION: City Council Chambers, 305 W. Third Street, Oxnard
PREPARED BY: Detective Crystal Walker
Detective Crystal Walker (805) 385-7668 or

Due to the high demand from the community, two new public safety seminars will be added to the “Operation Safer & Stronger” series created by the Oxnard Police Department.  These additional seminars are part ofour on-going effort to inform, engage and empower the residents of Oxnard on crime activity and crime prevention information.  The Oxnard Police Department will be hosting Crime Prevention for Businesses, July 14, 2014 at6:00 p.m. andNeighborhood Watch Training, July 16, 2014 at6:00 p.m.  Both will take place in the City Council Chambers at 305 W. Third Street, Oxnard and are free to the public.
Crime Prevention for Businesses Seminar
Recently, there has been an increase in businesses reporting crime.  Crime reported ranges from shoplifting and loitering to commercial robbery.  Upon review of the case and the scene, it was determined that some crimes were recurrent and could oftentimes have been prevented.
The Crime Prevention for Businesses Seminar was created to train business owners on how to provide a safe and secure environment for the customers and employees of businesses.  It is also meant to bolster the relationship between the business community and the police department.  In this one and a half hour class, attendees will be taught:

  • Crime Prevention and Crime Reporting
  • How To Make Your Business More Secure
  • Shoplifting and Internal Theft Prevention
  • What to do if a Robbery occurs

A training manual will be provided, as well as, decals, pamphlets and supplemental materials.
Neighborhood Watch Training
There has also been a renewed interest in Neighborhood Watch and how neighborhoods can start their own.  Several inquiries reference training have been received and the Oxnard Police Department has agreed to provide it.
Neighborhood Watches began mobilizing in the 60’s in response to high profile criminal cases where witnesses did not call police or assist in apprehending the offender.  Groups formed to report suspicious activity in their neighborhoods and in 1972, the National Sheriffs’’ Association (NSA) created the National Neighborhood Watch Program to assist law enforcement and the public. 
The biggest thing to remember is “watch groups are not vigilantes. They are extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and extra hands for helping neighbors.” 1 Neighborhood Watch members are trained to be non-confrontational and used for observation and reporting purposes only.  The group never serves as an extension of the police department or Code Enforcement.  Some of the tasks members of Neighborhood Watch are asked to do are:

  • Recognize and report crimes and suspicious activities;
  • Protect themselves, their family and their property;
  • Protect their neighbor’s family and property; and
  • Identify crime and disorder problems in their area and work with Oxnard PD to solve them.

A training manual will be provided, as well as, pamphlets and supplemental materials.
How to Reserve a Seat
This series of seminars builds on our Department’s Operation Safer and Stronger Initiative, which was launched by Oxnard Police Chief Jeri Williams at the start of the year to empower residents to be partners in public safety and address the increases in property crime citywide.  As seating is limited, prospective attendees are encouraged to RSVP to Crime Prevention Detective Crystal Walker at (805) 385-7668 or
Remember that you do not have to be part of an organized group or Neighborhood Watch to call the police to report crime or suspicious activity.  The following numbers are provided to better assist you in being a “partner in public safety”:  Report anonymously by calling (805) 486-8362.  The direct number to dispatch is (805) 385-7740 or 9-1-1 (emergency).  Additional numbers to call are:  Gun and Gang Hotline at (805) 982-7043, Violent Crimes Hotline at (805) 982-7070, Ventura County Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477 or visit 
1“Neighborhood Watch Part 1” PowerPoint - National Crime Prevention Council 2007–2008
DATE / TIME PREPARED:  07-02-14/0945 hours

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