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Jeri Williams
Chief of Police
Oxnard Police Department

R. Jason Benites
Assistant Chief

Scott Whitney
Assistant Chief



Illegal sales and possession of dangerous fireworks
DATE/TIME: 6-25-14 1300 hours
LOCATION: 1100 Block Industrial Ave
SUSPECT(S): Christian Perez, 29 years of age (Oxnard resident)
PREPARED BY: Sergeant Charles Woodruff (
CONTACT PERSON AND  CONTACT INFO: Detective Robert Valenzuela (805)385-7637

Detectives from the Oxnard Police department concluded an investigation today into a business in the city of Oxnard that was selling “dangerous fireworks.”  Detectives received information that illegal fireworks were being sold from a business in the 1100 block of Industrial Avenue. Upon verifying that fireworks were being sold, detectives contacted Christian Perez, who was identified as the seller.
Perez was also in possession of a significant quantity of illegal fireworks. Detectives searched the business and located several thousand dollars’ worth of dangerous fireworks. There were over 25 different types of illegal fireworks, with some labelled as pyrotechnic and explosive. The seizure included rockets and mortars.  The fireworks were seized, and later sent to a local fire station to be safely destroyed.
Perez was arrested for various charges, including selling and possession of explosives, and was booked in Ventura County Jail.
All fireworks are illegal in Oxnard. This includes those categorized as “safe and sane” as well as “dangerous fireworks.”  The “State Fireworks Law” is established by the Health and Safety Code (H&S) sections 12500-12534. More specific information can be found at: 
“Dangerous fireworks” are defined by 12505 H&S, and generally involve fireworks with specific chemical content, as well as those that explode, fly, travel, skip, or dart. 

“Safe and Sane” is defined by 12529 H&S to include “any fireworks which do not 
come within the definition of "dangerous fireworks" or "exempt fireworks."” This typically includes the types of fireworks that are purchased at fireworks stands.  . 

The Oxnard Police Department Oxnard police department will continue to enforce the ban on all fireworks in Oxnard.  Anyone possessing, storing, selling, using, transporting or handling any type of fireworks is subject to a fine of up to $1,000.  In some instances, a misdemeanor arrest may occur.
Statistics show fireworks are among the most risky of consumer products. Nearly 10,000 fireworks-related injuries are treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms every year and two of five people injured by fireworks are under 15 years old. The most current statistics from the National Fire Protection Association show that in 2011 eight out of nine, or 89 percent, of all fireworks-related injuries treated in emergency room injuries were caused by fireworks that are allowed for consumer use by federal or state regulations. Similarly, Sparklers, fountains, and novelties alone accounted for one-third (34%) of emergency room fireworks injuries.
This year Oxnard PD has set up an email address - – to report fireworks in advance of the holiday. In your email, please include the address where the fireworks are being used. It is not necessary for you to leave your name and phone number if you do not wish to do so.



  DATE / TIME PREPARED:  6-25-14 1600 hours


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