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Jeri Williams
Chief of Police
Oxnard Police Department

R. Jason Benites
Assistant Chief

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Property Crime Alert: Oxnard West Village Neighborhood
DATE/TIME: March 12, 2014
LOCATION: West Village Neighborhood (Rose Ave to Oxnard Blvd and Camino del Sol and Gonzalez Road,)
PREPARED BY: Miguel Lopez, Oxnard Police Community Affairs Manager (805) 979-6767
Miguel Lopez, Oxnard Police Community Affairs Manager (805) 979-6767

DETAILS: In our ongoing efforts to inform residents of what is happening citywide, Oxnard Police want to notify members in the West Village Neighborhood (Rose Ave to Oxnard Blvd and Camino del Sol and Gonzales Road,) of increase in activity and burglaries to residences and to vehicles.

This past weekend, District 3 Officers and the Oxnard Police Explorers walked the West Village neighborhood passing out crime prevention flyers and promoting – a tool for neighbors to communicate with one another and build a stronger sense of community.
There has been a spike in residential burglaries in recent weeks. Most of the burglaries are taking place during day-time hours, between the hours of 8:00AM – 6:00PM.
A burglary, under California Penal Code 459, is defined as the entering of a building or structure (or vehicle, when doors are locked) without the owner or resident’s consent and it was entered with the intent to commit a felony or theft therein.  Burglary is a felony and can be punishable by imprisonment in state prison or county jail depending on the degree.
We offer crime prevention tips, to help members across our community reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of a burglary:
  • Lock all windows and doors when you leave your residence or vehicle unattended.
  • Close all of the windows - thieves can open vehicles through the smallest of openings.
  • Make sure not to leave spare keys in visible areas.
  • Don't forget to set your residential alarm if you have one.
  • Take an inventory of your property. Know what you have and serial numbers for these items. As we indicated in our last monthly crime prevention public safety announcement, we recommend you take photographs to inventory your property and serial numbers and email to yourself so you can access at anytime from anywhere, even remotely.
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery service if you will be on travel.
  • To avoid obstruction, keep landscape trimmed.
  • Consider free apps on your smartphone to track electronics.
  • The best crime prevention tool ever invented is A GOOD NEIGHBOR!One of the best crime fighting teams are neighbors working in conjunction with the police department, and reporting all suspicious activity
  • Report any suspicious activity or persons to the Oxnard Police Department, 805-385-7740.
 “There are small steps we can all take, to make it more difficult of becoming a victim of crime – and, we can all share that with the circle of people around us. Neighbors recognize suspicious activity and anything that may look out of the ordinary or out of place.  If you see something, or hear something, please do not hesitate to call us,” said Jeri Williams, Chief of Police. 
To date in Oxnard, the entry method most used in residential burglaries is bodily force.  This includes window smashes, pried doors or cut locks.
For vehicles, window smashes, followed by unlocked doors, are most prevalent.  Electronics and jewelry were taken. We continue to encourage residents to not leave any visible valuables in your cars, or to secure them in your trunk, out of sight. 
Most often, residents ask, “How could this happen?”  They thought they lived in a “good” neighborhood.  It is not a matter of living in a “good” neighborhood or not.  The thieves more than likely come from OUTSIDE the neighborhood.  The best way to deter them is to not give thieves the opportunity, or frankly make it more difficult, and report any suspicious activity to the Police. 
“Calls of suspicious activity by neighbors and community members have led to significant arrests thus far this year. Again, this weekend, a call from an anonymous caller led to the arrests of two individuals responsible for property crime.  With your help, we can make it more difficult, and continue to remove these individuals from our neighborhoods” said Senior Officer and Beat Coordinator Roger Garcia. .
Law enforcement officers can’t be everywhere at once, but you can play a part in a more vigilant neighborhood. You know what is normal and what is going on in the neighborhood.  If you see, hear, or feel something may be suspicious, call the police immediately.
“In most cases of burglaries and theft, someone has seen something but did not report it,” added Williams. You can always report anonymously by calling our crime tip hotline (805) 486-8362.  The direct number to dispatch is (805) 385-7740 or 9-1-1 (emergency).  Calling the police on suspicious activity before anything happens is the key to prevention.  Most times, thieves will not target an area where residents keep calling the police.  Additional numbers to call are:  Violent Crimes Hotline at (805) 982-7070, Ventura County Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477 or visit 

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