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Oxnard Police Department

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INCIDENT: Oxnard Police partner with to help neighbors connect in new ways
DATE/TIME: November 3, 2013
LOCATION: City of Oxnard
Miguel Lopez, Community Affairs Manager,
(805) 385-7631,

DETAILS: The Oxnard Police Department joins 63 cities in California who have partnered with – a private social network - to make it easier for neighbors to communicate with and about issues that matter most in their neighborhoods and our community. It is free and private for neighbors and neighborhoods in Oxnard to use.

“Research shows that aside from immediate family and closest friendships, one shares most in common and needs with immediate neighbors and those who live in close proximity – in large part due to where they live naturally, spend most of their time, the schools around them that their children may attend, as well as resources and services they need and share,” says Miguel Lopez, Oxnard Police Community Affairs Manager.
In recent years, local and federal government agencies have looked for public-private partnerships to enhance our reach, bring people together, and augment the services we are able to provide.  Aside from the 63 cities in California, Nextdoor has more than 20,000 neighborhoods across the United States using this private-neighborhood network in many ways.
Nextdoor is a neighbors-only website that is password-protected and private to you and your neighbors.  Members must verify that they live in the neighborhood before they can join Nextdoor, including having a neighbor already in the private network approve and verify your residence. After that, you can check activities and post at your leisure or have readily available by app on your phone or tablet, anytime.
“We, at the Oxnard Police Department, believe that a sense of community lends toward safe neighborhoods.  In today’s world, it is common to encounter neighborhoods in which people don’t know who lives on their own block. Neighbors who know each other interact and communicate with each other, and as a result, tend to look out for and take care of each other,” said Assistant Police Chief Jason Benites.  “Neighbors who communicate are more likely to know what is suspicious or out of place, and are more likely to share information.  They are also more likely to report suspicious activity to the police - and this helps us to address crime problems,” Benites added.
Further, Nextdoor takes added steps to secure your privacy, and none of the information you share on Nextdoor is available on search engines.
In our partnership, Oxnard Police has worked with Nextdoor to create the city recognized neighborhoods to make it easy to connect with your neighbors and build a stronger and safer place to call home.  It will also make it easier for Oxnard Police to keep community members and neighbors informed about important crime and public safety issues.
“This effort will be but another tool the Oxnard Police uses to help build community and communicate with community members and neighbors. Is it a catch-all? No. Will people have reservations? Yes, in the same way some people are still hesitant to join Facebook or were uneasy about Google when it first was created; but, this is a smaller private network amongst neighbors and neighborhoods. It is an individual choice people will make – and one we hope they find of use and utility, that we will utilize to share crime and public safety information,” Lopez added.
Oxnard residents can use their Nextdoor neighborhood website to:
·         Recruit more residents to participate in crime watch efforts, neighborhood watch, or neighborhood council,
·         Report suspicious activity and local crime, as well as receive important safety information from Oxnard Police,
·         Find trustworthy local resources, such as babysitters, plumbers, dentist, gardner, handy-man, etc;
·         Organize neighborhood events, such as garage sales and block parties,
·         Get assistance to find lost pets and missing packages,
·         Promote items for sale/free and inquire about items for purchase.
“By using, information can be quickly shared with neighbors, making it an effective ‘neighborhood watch’ tool,” said Assistant Chief Benites.   
With our launch today, the Oxnard Police Department will begin to post crime and public safety information on neighborhood pages.  The information will include crime maps, as well as crime prevention tips.  Our Beat Coordinators will also post neighborhood-specific information on an as-needed basis.
Prior to Oxnard’s citywide launch, nearly a thousand people have already signed up and are using Nextdoor, across Oxnard, including Riverpark, Lemonwood, Sea Air and many other neighborhoods.
If you are interested in joining your Nextdoor neighborhood website, go to and enter your address.

If you have any questions during the sign-up process, you can contact Nextdoor Support at
DATE / TIME PREPARED:  November 3, 2013

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