News release - 8/28/2013

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Jeri Williams
Chief of Police
Oxnard Police Department

R. Jason Benites
Assistant Chief

Scott Whitney
Assistant Chief



INCIDENT: Crime Alert: Stolen Vehicles Targeted 
DATE/TIME: 8/28/13 2:30pm
LOCATION: Citywide, particularly in South Oxnard
PREPARED BY: Miguel Lopez, Community Affairs Manager, (805)385-7631 or
Crystal Walker,

DETAILS: The Oxnard Police Department would like to notify residents that the community is experiencing a recent increase in stolen vehicles throughout the city.  The south end of Oxnard has had a notable increase in activity, with a significant number of vehicles stolen since July 1, 2013. Neighborhoods in South Oxnard have seen a particular increase, including: Cal Gisler, Blackstock North and South, Pleasant Valley Estates, Southwinds, Cypress, and Villa Capri.

Vehicles that appear to be targeted are mid-90’s Honda’s, Nissan’s, and Toyota’s.  Of these thefts, keys were available in 22 of the thefts, and an additional 5 were left with the engine running. 
We ask that you assist by taking a proactive approach to deter future stolen vehicles and avoid becoming a victim. We remind you tomake sure to lock your vehicles and remove the keys.  We can all take small steps to avoid becoming a victim.
  • DO NOT leave your keys in your car, on or off. 
  • If your car is left on to warm up, stay with your car—your car can easily be stolen if you are not there to watch it.
·         DO NOT leave any valuable items in your car.  These items are a temptation for someone to break your window and steal your things.  
To help prevent vehicle thefts, the Oxnard Police Department is offering a limited quantity of Club’s (automotive steering wheel locks) on a first come-first served basis to owners of high-targeted vehicles, including mid-90’s Honda, Nissan, and Toyota cars.  To determine if you are eligible or availability, please contact Senior Officer Crystal Walker at 805-431-3215.
Furthermore, we want to remind community member across the City that if you feel, see, or hear anything that does not seem right, please do not hesitate to contact the Oxnard Police Department.  Many residents, after the fact, have indicated suspicious activity in the days and weeks prior to these types of thefts. 
“The Oxnard Police Department encourages community members to remain vigilant, secure property, and report any suspicious activity. Much of the increase in property crime can be prevented,” said Oxnard Police Chief Jeri Williams.  “We have a collective responsibility to work to reduce crime and increase public safety in our City, and look forward to working in partnership with every member in our community to address these concerns that we all share. If you see something or hear anything, please contact Oxnard Police” she added.
Help keep our vehicles and neighborhoods in Oxnard crime-free and safe.  We remind residents to be extra aware and vigilant. If you see suspicious activity, please report it to the Oxnard Police Department at 805-385-7740, or dial 911.  Anonymous tips and information can also be made with the Ventura County Crime Stoppers at (805)385-8255.  

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