News release - 6/6/2013

Published 6/6/2013 (all press releases for this day)

Jeri Williams
Chief of Police
Oxnard Police Department

R. Jason Benites
Assistant Chief

Scott Whitney
Assistant Chief



INCIDENT:  Assault, PRO Arrest
DATE/TIME:  6-4-13 / 1600 hours
LOCATION:  Ventura County Probation Agency Office, 1400 Vanguard Way
VICTIM(S):  Five probation officers, names withheld
SUSPECT(S):  Nicomedes Jose Watts, 26 years, Oxnard resident
PREPARED BY:  Marty Meyer, Commander
 Marty Meyer, Commander
 (805) 207-7078,


On 6-4-13, post-release offender or PRO, Nicomedes Jose Watts, 26 years, Oxnard resident, went to the Ventura County Probation Agency Office at 1400 Vanguard Way to meet with a probation officer. The PRO Program releases non-violent and non-serious offenders from prison pursuant to Assembly Bill 109.
Watts was recently involved in a domestic violence-related incident where he was named as a suspect re: a vandalism. Probation officers were going to arrest Watts on a ten-day violation of probation charge 3454(c) PC, or flash violation. This charge and arrest tends to stop the PRO from committing other offenses and promotes adherence to post-release terms.
Five probation officers were waiting for Watts as he entered the office. Watts saw the probation officers and immediately bolted away running into one of the officers. A struggle ensued with the other four probation officers joining in an effort to arrest Watts. Watts was arrested.
All five probation officers sustained injuries and were treated at a local hospital. Two of the probation officers sustained moderate injury. Watts sustained very minor injury.
Oxnard police officers took custody of Watts booking him into the Ventura County Main Jail on charged of Vandalism (594 PC), Probation Revocation (3455(a) PC), and Obstructing or Resisting Executive Officers (69 PC). 69 PC is a felony. 3455(a) PC can result in up to 180 days in the VenturaCounty Jail.  
DATE / TIME PREPARED:  6-5-13 / 2200 hours


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