News release - 3/22/2013

Published 3/22/2013 (all press releases for this day)

Jeri Williams
Chief of Police
Oxnard Police Department

R. Jason Benites
Assistant Chief

Scott Whitney
Assistant Chief



INCIDENT:  Arrest of Subject Brandishing a Sword, 13-5902
DATE/TIME:  3-22-13, 1:15PM
LOCATION:  Channel Islands Blvd at K St., Oxnard
VICTIM(S):  Unknown
SUSPECT(S):  King Canales, 45 years, of Oxnard
PREPARED BY:  Charles Woodruff, Sergeant
 Officer Garrett Knowles, 805-385-7600

DETAILS:  On 3-22-13, at about 1:15 PM, Oxnard police officers were flagged down by a person who said that there was a man nearby who had brandished a sword at her. The victim told officers that the man had actually swung the sword in her direction, and that the assault had occurred on the corner of Channel Islands Blvd and K St. The officers responded to this location and located King Canales in the front yard of a residence. Canales was in possession of two swords and was swinging them towards traffic on Channel Islands Blvd. One sword was approximately 2 feet long, and the second was 3 feet long. As the officers approached, Canales threw the swords onto the front yard and stepped onto the drive way.  Canales was standing approximately 20-25 feet from the closest sword, which was lying on the grass. Canales refused to obey the officer’s commands to approach them. Canales also argued with the officers, and told them that he was in possession of additional knives on his person. Additional officers responded to assist.
Officers negotiated with Canales for about 7 minutes. During the entire time, Canales was argumentative with officers and refused their orders. Canales was then taken into custody without further incident. He was found to be in possession of two additional illegal gravity knives in his pockets. In a vehicle parked nearby, there was also a realistic looking replica firearm. 
Canales was arrested for weapons charges and booked into Ventura County Jail.
The victim who had initially contacted the police did not remain in the area, and is unknown at this time. Any persons who were witnesses to the event are encouraged to call Officer Garrett Knowles at (805)385-7600.
  DATE / TIME PREPARED:  3-22-13/4:00 PM


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