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Jeri Williams
Chief of Police
Oxnard Police Department

R. Jason Benites
Assistant Chief

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INCIDENT: Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Year-End 2012
DATE/TIME: February 4, 2013
LOCATION: Oxnard Police Department
PREPARED BY: Sr. Detective Luis McArthur, Public Information Officer,
(805) 385-7631,
Assistant Chief Scott Whitney,
(805) 385-7751,

The City of Oxnard has enjoyed a steady decrease in crime over the past two decades. While 2011 saw an exceptional double digit drop in both violent and property crimes, reported crime rose in 2012. Although violent crime was again lower in 2012, there was an increase in property crime.
Violent Crime
There were 603 violent crimes reported during calendar year 2012 and 619 during 2011.  Rape and aggravated assault crime totals reflect decreases, but the total number of homicides and robberies increased.  There were 9 homicides reported during calendar year 2012, all of which involved the use of a firearm.  This was one more than what was reported the prior year.  The decrease within the rape category is partially attributed to crimes which were reported within calendar year 2011, but were unfounded during calendar year 2012.
During calendar year 2012, there was a 10.9% increase in the number of robberies reported. A geographical review of this data failed to reveal a particular hot spot.  The increase was throughout the City.
Property Crimes
There were 4,111 property crimes reported during calendar year 2012 and 3,525 crimes during 2011. All property crime categories reflect increases. The largest increase was within the burglary crime category with an additional 271 crimes reported. For UCR purposes, this includes both residential and commercial burglaries.
Open/unlocked windows/doors were the main method of entry in the burglary crime category, accounting for 282 crimes.  When comparing residential burglaries between 2011 and 2012, there was a significant increase in garage burglaries, with many of the garages being left open or unlocked.
An additional 187 auto theft crimes were reported in 2012. Citywide, the vehicles most targeted by auto thieves were: ’86-’99 Honda Accords, ’88-’99 Honda Civics and ’87-’99 Toyota Camrys.
The Oxnard Police Department continues to combat auto theft by assigning a senior officer to the Ventura County Auto Theft Taskforce. This taskforce is designed to work cooperatively countywide to follow leads and investigate crimes. They also work closely with the insurance industry to proactively find ways to reduce the occurrences of auto theft throughout the county.
The following data is the summarized crime comparison for calendar years 2010, 2011 and 2012.  The data is taken from the Uniform Crime Report (UCR), Schedule A, which is sent to the Department of Justice.

2010 – 2012 Statistical Summary
Overall, Part I Crimes for calendar year 2012 decreased by 0.3% when compared to 2010.  Although Part I crimes have increased  this year as compared to 2011, when compared to calendar year 2010, there is a 0.3% decrease, or 16 fewer crimes.  This is due to the substantial reduction in Part I crimes during 2011. 
The graph on the following page shows Part I crimes for the last sixteen year period.  The average for the preceding fifteen year period, 1997 – 2011 is 5,497 Part I crimes per year.  Compared to this fifteen year average, the total number of Part I crimes reported in 2012 were 14.2% lower, or 783 fewer crimes.

Post Release Offenders
Since the enactment of Asembly Bill 109, there have been approximately 170 individuals released from the California Department of Corrections that reside, or are transient within, the City of Oxnard.  These individuals were released under the State of California’s Realignment plan and are being supervised by the Ventura County Probation Agency.  The Realignment plan is more commonly referred to as the Post Release Offender program. While it is too early to quantify the effects of this prison realignment, many of these offenders are repeat offenders that  are generally spending less time in custody.
The Oxnard Police Department works collaboratively with other agencies in Ventura County, including the Probation Agency, to minimize the potential negative effects that this program has on the city’s crime rate. An Oxnard police officer is assigned, full-time, to work with the Probation Agency to monitor the post release offenders assigned to the city. The Oxnard Police Department has made approximately 259 arrests for sections directly related to the post release offender program.  
DATE / TIME PREPARED:  February 5, 2013, 5:30 p.m.

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