News release - 11/22/2011

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Jeri Williams
Chief of Police
Oxnard Police Department

R. Jason Benites
Assistant Chief

Scott Whitney
Assistant Chief



(Oxnard, CA)The Oxnard Police Department has been awarded a new traffic safety grant for a year-long, anti-DUI program aimed at preventing deaths and injuries on our roadways.  New enforcement measures to reduce impaired driving have been implemented as a result of a recent $250,000 grant awarded by the California Office of Traffic Safety. The Oxnard Police Department is dedicated to keeping our streets safe through both enforcement and education.
The special DUI Enforcement and Awareness grant will assist in efforts to reduce the number of persons killed and injured in alcohol and other drug related collisions. The grant activities will specifically target impaired driving offenders as well as educate the public on the dangers of impaired driving. This will be accomplished through the use of DUI/driver’s license checkpoints, warrant searches and stakeouts for repeat DUI offenders, saturation patrols, and court stings targeting DUI offenders with suspended or revoked driver’s licenses who get behind the wheel after leaving court. 
California saw a decline in overall traffic deaths in 2010, marking the fifth year in a row of safer roads. According to federal government figures, total vehicle fatalities dropped 11.9 percent, from 3,081 in 2009 to 2,715 in 2010. Since 2005 when the number of fatalities was 4,333, the 2010 figures show a total decline of 37.3 percent.
The city of Oxnard has seen similar reductions in traffic fatalities in 2011. As of November 2011, there have been a total of three fatalities, as compared to 2010, with five fatalities. The 2011 figures show a total decline of 40 percent.
Funding for this program is provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National HighwayTraffic Safety Administration. The funding period began October 1, 2011 and runs through September 30, 2012.


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