Press release - Kidnapping, Stolen Vehicle

Published 7/5/2010 (all press releases for this day)

John Crombach
Chief of Police
Oxnard Police Department

R. Jason Benites
Assistant Chief

Scott Whitney
Assistant Chief



INCIDENT: 207 PC – Kidnapping
10851 VC – Stolen Vehicle
DATE/TIME: 07-05-10 / 03:03 HRS
LOCATION: 700-BLK of Cuesta Del Mar
VICTIM(S): Shalawn Wilson 27 year-old, Oxnard resident
4 year-old child, Oxnard resident
SUSPECT(S): Kason Antonio Williams 28 year-old, Oxnard resident
PREPARED BY: Detective Roger Garcia
Detective Roger Garcia
805-385-7688 /


On 7-5-10, at approximately 0303 hours, officers responded to the 1800-block of La Puerta Avenue reference contacting a victim regarding her vehicle being stolen with her 4 year old daughter still inside the vehicle. The victim, Shalawan Wilson, told officers on 7-4-10, she was with her children celebrating the 4th of July when she received a phone call from her ex-boyfriend, suspect Kason Williams, asking for a ride. Victim Wilson agreed to give Williams and his associates a ride and picked them up in the 600-block of East Hueneme Road in the city of Port Hueneme.

Prior to taking Williams and his friends home, Victim Wilson drove to the 700-block of Cuesta Del Mar to pick up her friend. The victim and her 2 younger boys exited her vehicle and ran into her friend’s residence. As the victim was inside the friend’s residence, the victim heard a car engine start up and saw suspect Williams driving away in her vehicle. The victim ran to her vehicle and attempted to stop the suspect because her 4 year old daughter was in the rear passenger seat but Williams refused to stop.

Officers contacted the victim at her residence and broadcasted the stolen vehicle information.

Several minutes later, officers saw suspect Williams driving the victim’s vehicle in the area of Wolff Street and South “I” Street. Officers conducted a traffic stop and took Williams into custody. Officers found the victim’s 4 year old daughter sitting in the backseat unharmed.

During the time of the arrest, officers discovered suspect Williams had an outstanding felony warrant and is on active parole.

Suspect Williams was booked at Ventura County Jail for kidnapping and stolen vehicle and is being held without bail.

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