Press release - Arrest of a wanted subject in a vacant apartment

Published 4/26/2010 (all press releases for this day)

John Crombach
Chief of Police
Oxnard Police Department

R. Jason Benites
Assistant Chief

Scott Whitney
Assistant Chief



INCIDENT: Arrest of a wanted subject in a vacant apartment
DATE/TIME: 4/23/10 3:00 p.m.
LOCATION: 4600 block of Cloyne St.
VICTIM(S): Withheld
SUSPECT(S): David Espinoza, 26 year-old Oxnard resident and 17 year-old juvenile (name withheld)
SUSPECT VEHICLE(S): Stolen Honda Accord
PREPARED BY: Marc Amon, Sergeant
Detective Lucy Buttell


On 4/23/10 at approximately 3:00 p.m. Senior Officer Felice Thompson, Senior Officer Jose Silva and Officer Mike Wood were conducting a check of an unsecured vacant apartment complex in the 4600 block of Cloyne Street. While conducting their check they encountered two trespassers in one of the apartments. The subjects attempted to hide from officers inside the apartment but both were located and arrested.

The adult was later identified as 26 year-old Oxnard resident, David Espinoza. Espinoza was wanted for several domestic violence related offenses including domestic battery, criminal threats and kidnapping. It was also discovered that Espinoza was traveling in a stolen late 80’s model Honda Accord that was parked nearby.

The realtor representing the bank owned vacant apartment complex responded to the complex and immediately approved what is known as an “Agent Authorization” for the police department. The Agent Authorization form allows for police officers to act as the agent for the vacant property in order to enforce any trespassing laws in the absence of an owner since trespassing is normally a misdemeanor offense requiring a victim’s desire to make an arrest of a perpetrator. In other words, the Agent Authorization preauthorizes a misdemeanor arrest of a trespassing suspect.

Anyone with information about the domestic violence incident is asked to contact Detective Lucy Buttell at 805-385-3983. Inquiries about agent authorizations can be answered by your respective Beat Coordinator at

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