Press release - Dispute with a gun

Published 12/27/2009 (all press releases for this day)



INCIDENT: Dispute with a gun
DATE/TIME: 12/27/2009 5:11 PM
LOCATION: 931 Devilfish Dr. Oxnard
VICTIM/S: 16 year old female, name withheld
SUSPECT/S: Paul Shorter (60 years old) of Oxnard
Alicia Shorter (31 years old) of Oxnard
PREPARED BY: Commander Mike Adair


On 12/27/2009 at about 5:11 PM, a male subject called the Oxnard Police Department and stated his daughter had threatened him with a gun. He reported she was still inside the residence with the gun at 931 Devilfish Dr. in Oxnard. He further stated that his 16 year old grand daughter was also inside the residence.

Officers arrived at the location and made contact with the reporting person, Paul Shorter. While officers were securing the perimeter around the residence and preparing to make a phone call into the house, a shot was fired from somewhere inside the residence. Officers made entry into the house where they found the suspect, Alicia Shorter in the hallway next to the garage. She was taken into custody without incident and was not injured. The 16 year old female was found unharmed in a bedroom and later released to a relative.

The investigation revealed that Paul Shorter was in a dispute with the 31 year old female when he brandished a gun at her. His daughter, Alicia Shorter physically took the gun away from him. She then pointed the gun at him and threatened to kill him. Paul Shorter was able to flee from the residence and he contacted police.

Paul Shorter was arrested for a misdemeanor charge of brandishing a handgun at the 31 year old female. Alicia Shorter was arrested for threatening her father and brandishing a handgun.

Investigation continuing

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