Press release - Illegal Vendor Enforcement Operation

Published 8/17/2009 (all press releases for this day)



INCIDENT: Illegal Vendor Enforcement Operation
DATE/TIME: 8-15-09 1200-1700 Hours
LOCATION: City of Oxnard (Citywide)
PREPARED BY: Senior Officer Ricardo Vazquez, 385-7976


On August 15, 2009, the Oxnard Police Department and the City of Oxnard Code Compliance conducted an illegal vendor enforcement operation in the City of Oxnard. This operation was in response to numerous complaints from residents about illegal vendors in the community. This was the second illegal vending enforcement operation in 2009. Officers from the Oxnard Police Department and City of Oxnard Code Compliance were assisted by citizens from the Volunteers in Policing Program.

Officers contacted several illegal vendors; numerous citations were issued and several subjects were arrested. The following are the results of the enforcement operation:

  • Three suspects were arrested for possession of counterfeit DVD’s and CD’s. Over 500 counterfeit DVD’s and CD’s were confiscated. Investigators from the Motion Picture Association of America were notified and will be assisting with the investigation. 
  • Nine citations were issued for violations of Oxnard City Ordinance 11-4(a): Business License Required and Oxnard City Ordinance 11-45(a): Health Permit Required. Six citations were issued to car wash vendors and three were issued to food vendors. An inspector from Ventura County Environmental Health also issued 3 warnings to subjects regarding unhealthful business practices. 
  • Four citations were issued to car wash vendors for violation of Oxnard City Ordinance 22-218(b): Wastewater Containment System Required. It is now a requirement for car wash vendors to have a containment system to collect wastewater so it does not drain into the sewer system and eventually to the ocean. Two car wash vendors were also issued citations for driving without a license.

DATE: August 1, 2009


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