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Published 5/7/2009 (all press releases for this day)



INCIDENT: New Oxnard Crime Prevention Signs Unveiled
DATE/TIME: 4/27/09
PREPARED BY: Sr. Officer Ken Klopman, Downtown Beat Coordinator


As an added measure to keep the public informed and aware, the Oxnard Police Department has unveiled its latest tool to combat opportunity crimes. Crime prevention signs reminding drivers to lock their car doors and remove valuables from plain sight have been installed starting in the downtown area of Oxnard. Nine signs have already been posted on N. Fifth St. between B St. and C St. (near the Carnegie Museum) and in the new Oxnard Transportation Center long-term parking lot on East Fifth St. Three more signs will soon be posted at the entrances of the downtown parking structure at Third St. and B St.

“It’s far too easy for criminals when car doors are left unlocked. And even if the thief finds nothing of value in the car, they’ve certainly unnerved the vehicle owner and left them with a sense of intrusion,” said Sr. Officer Ken Klopman, Beat Coordinator for the Downtown Central Business District. “Moreover, motorists unwittingly take away the guess work for criminals when they leave valuables in plain view in their locked cars. Purses, computers, GPS devices, mobile phones, and shopping bags are easy prey for burglars who can easily shatter a car window to reach the goods,” Klopman said. Therefore motorists should not only close their windows and lock their cars, but they should remove valuables, or at least hide them from plain view by securing items under car seats, in the glove box, or in the trunk. “Criminals are far more likely to target vehicles when they can see that the ‘prize’ is a sure thing. They know they’re not risking detection and arrest for nothing.”

While these signs have so far been posted at publicly-owned locales, the crime prevention signs are also available for purchase for business and property owners. “We’d encourage owners and managers of residential complexes, shopping centers, and other businesses to partner with the Oxnard Police Department by purchasing these signs at our cost and posting the signs on their properties to remind their residents, customers, employees, and other visitors of these very simple steps they can take to help combat vehicle crime in the city,” Klopman said.

The 18”x24” signs are professionally screen printed on .063” rust-proof aluminum and are finished with a protective anti-graffiti coating that resists fading and will give the sign a life-expectancy of 10 or more years. Signs are available by contacting Sr. Officer Ken Klopman at the Downtown Police Storefront, 328 S. B St., Oxnard or by calling (805) 385-8212. The cost is $45 per sign excluding installation hardware and labor.

Example signs in English and Spanish.

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