Press release - Gang Related Arrests

Published 1/29/2009 (all press releases for this day)



INCIDENT: Gang Related Arrests
DATE/TIME: 1/28/09 at 1120 hours
LOCATION: 200 block of Everest Street
VICTIM/S: State of California
SUSPECT/S: Juan Manuel Rosas, 22 years, of Oxnard
Joseph Michael Peralta, 18 years, of Oxnard
PREPARED BY: Commander Mike Adair


On 1/28/09 at approximately 1120 hours, Oxnard Police Officer Ricky Vega was patrolling the Rose Park area of Oxnard when a white vehicle caught his attention. The vehicle was driving slowly towards a group of males standing near a house in the area. The officer recognized the occupants of the vehicle as gang members of a rival gang and proceeded to make a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle made a sudden evasive turn onto another street and stopped.

As Officer Vega stopped behind the vehicle, the front passenger jumped out of the vehicle and ran. Officer Vega held the driver of the vehicle at gunpoint while maintaining a view of the fleeing passenger. As the passenger ran from the vehicle, he removed a handgun from his waistband and threw it to the ground.

Back-up officers arrived and assisted with arresting the driver, Juan Rosas. A short time later the passenger, Joseph Peralta was found a few blocks away and arrested. The gun was located and taken as evidence. There is little doubt the actions of Officer Vega prevented a potential drive-by shooting.

Both suspects were booked into the Ventura County Jail. Rosas is being held on a no-bail parole violation; Peralta is facing several charges including possession of a loaded firearm and criminal activity in the furtherance of a criminal street gang. His bail is set at $100,000.

An investigation is continuing.

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DATE: January 28, 2009

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