Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is comprised of eight motor officers, a traffic collision investigator, a senior police officer and one sergeant. Other personnel in the Unit include Traffic Service Assistants, who conduct minor collision investigations and parking enforcement, and School Crossing Guards, who escort students across some of our busiest intersections.

Speed is one of the most prevalent causes of collisions in Oxnard. The Traffic Unit conducts speed enforcement to make our community safer. Each motorcycle officer is equipped with a laser unit to detect speeding vehicles. Some of our marked police cars are similarly equipped. We also deploy radar display message boards that inform motorists of their speed.

The Traffic Unit teams with the City traffic engineers to reduce the incidence of high-frequency collision locations. Our collaborative relationship has produced many positive changes to Oxnard’s roadways.

Oxnard has been the recipient of several California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) grants focusing on drunk driving and collision prevention. Among other activities, the Traffic Unit conducts at least one sobriety checkpoint each month.

As one of the first California cities to adopted red light cameras, Oxnard continues with its very successful photo red light enforcement program. Additional information on the program, including actual locations of photo red light systems, is available here.

Our Commitment

The Oxnard Police Department Traffic Unit is committed to the safe travel of its residents and visitors. Enforcement, Education, and Engineering are the top priorities of the Oxnard Police Department Traffic Unit. Using new strategies we have developed we will continue reducing the total number of traffic collisions especially injury and fatality collisions, reducing alcohol-related collisions, reducing the number of hit-and-run collisions, effective DUI enforcement, ensuring seatbelt compliance, and mitigating distracted driver related collisions.

City of Oxnard Traffic Related Statistics

  2009 2008 2007
Total Roadway Crashes 2201 2593 2751
Total Fatal Crashes 11 12 12
Total Injury Crashes 879 965 1064
Impaired Driving Crashes 247 250 300
Impaired Driving Arrests 997 1024 981

Getting It Done!

Rain or Shine the Oxnard PD Traffic Unit is
hard at work keeping the city streets safe!
The Oxnard Police Department Traffic Unit constantly evaluates our traffic collision and DUI related statistics to ensure we are targeting the problem areas within the city.

Implementing techniques that target these areas have yielded a consistent 20% reduction in traffic collisions, and DUI related offenses in 2010.

Some of the techniques we use include but are not limited to; multiple officer saturation patrols, undercover surveillance operations, DUI checkpoints, and public awareness campaigns.

What is Avoid the 14?

The AVOID Program is made up of 14 law enforcement agencies throughout Ventura County that join forces during peak holiday periods to fight drunk driving. The name of the program – AVOID is a message to motorists that simply means this: don’t drink and drive and you will avoid being arrested!

Why do we participate in Avoid the 14?

Because we care about traffic safety, and we want to do are part to help neighboring agencies reduce their traffic collision fatalities and injuries. Just look at the statewide statistics below, nothing more to say then STAGGERING!

How many people are killed by drunk drivers each year?

In figures released by the Federal government today, California recorded 950 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in 2009, a 7.6 percent decline from 1,025 in 2008.   The 2009 totals mark a 26.8 percent drop from the 2005 high of 1,298.  Motorcycle fatalities dropped by 29.6 percent, from 560 in 2008 to 394 in 2009.  Total traffic fatalities from all causes fell from 3,434 in 2008 to 3,081 last year.

Source: press release by OTS 9-9-2010.

To learn more about AVOID the 14 watch this video that describes our latest summer mobilization.

Buckle up!

Launched in May 2005, the “Click It or Ticket” campaign is a joint effort between law enforcement agencies in California where local police departments enforce seat belt laws.

The campaign is a three week long period of seat belt enforcement held May, Jun, and November.

During the three-week enforcement period, local law enforcement agencies in southern California, including the Oxnard Police Department, focus their efforts toward seat belt compliance by placing the greatest number of officers on the roads specifically looking for unbelted vehicle occupants. The campaign is financed by a federal grant from the Office of Traffic Safety.

Although we focus on maximum enforcement during the click or ticket campaign , safety belt enforcement is an ongoing priority for the Oxnard Police Department.

To learn more about seatbelt laws and enforcement click here.

Child Safety is also a concern when it comes to seatbelts. Is you child properly restrained in your vehicle? Contact us to learn more or visit the SafeKids USA website to learn more.

Stop Distracted Driving = Save Lives!

Driver distractions have joined alcohol and speeding as leading factors in fatal and serious injury crashes. The National Safety Council estimates that up to 25 percent of all crashes in 2008 involved talking on cell phones or texting. To combat this growing threat on our roadways, the State of California has added Distracted Driving as the first new area for concentrated effort to the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP).

Distracted driving is a high priority for the Oxnard Police Department! The reason is simple, distracted drivers doing all sorts of things while driving contribute to a huge number of our traffic collisions. It seems like a no brainer that eating, talking on the phone, texting, putting on makeup, reading, etc., are things that should not be done while driving a motor vehicle.



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