Field Services

Booking Unit

The Oxnard Police Detention Facility, commonly referred to as the "Oxnard Jail," is where the majority of persons arrested by Oxnard officers are transported for booking from the field. The facility is comprised of eight holding cells, two interview rooms and a booking area. Each holding cell is equipped with a wash basin and toilet.
The entire area is under recorded video and audio surveillance and is staffed by non-sworn Police Service Officers (PSO) 24 hours-a-day. Once officers complete initial booking paperwork on persons taken into custody, the PSO assumes control of the arrestee and complete the booking process that includes photographs, fingerprints, and release or transfer transportation.

Field Services Divisions


Patrol Division

» District One
  Beat 11
  Beat 12
  Beat 14
» District Two
  Beat 21
  Beat 22
  Beat 23
  Beat 24
» District Three
  Beat 31
  Beat 32
» District Four
  Beat 41
  Beat 42

Patrol Support Division

» Code Regulation
  Alarm Control Detail
  Animal Safety Unit
  Code Compliance Unit
» Traffic & Special Events
  Booking Unit
  Crossing Guard Detail
  Motorcycle Detail
  Traffic Unit

Special Operations Division

» Special Operations
  SWAT/Special Enforcement Unit
  K-9 Unit
  Range Unit