Field Services

Animal Control Unit

The Oxnard Police Department Animal Safety Unit was formed in 1980. The primary purpose of the Animal Safety Unit is to provide a wide variety of State mandated and City services relating to animal control and animal protection. Currently, there are four uniformed Animal Control Officers and a Senior Administrative Officer. Animal Control provides 24-hour service, 7 days a week.

Field Services Divisions


Patrol Division

» District One
  Beat 11
  Beat 12
  Beat 14
» District Two
  Beat 21
  Beat 22
  Beat 23
  Beat 24
» District Three
  Beat 31
  Beat 32
» District Four
  Beat 41
  Beat 42

Patrol Support Division

» Code Regulation
  Alarm Control Detail
  Animal Safety Unit
  Code Compliance Unit
» Traffic & Special Events
  Booking Unit
  Crossing Guard Detail
  Motorcycle Detail
  Traffic Unit

Special Operations Division

» Special Operations
  SWAT/Special Enforcement Unit
  K-9 Unit
  Range Unit