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Code Compliance Unit

Working with our community by providing solution oriented enforcement for maintaining clean, safe, prosperous and attractive neighborhoods.

The Code Compliance Unit is responsible for the enforcement of most of the City Codes. As of this report, there are approximately 29,567 single family residences, 6,225 multi-family residential buildings (i.e duplexes, apartments, etc), and 3,593 commercial/manufacturing structures. This equates to approximately 39,385 structures that Code Compliance is responsible for in regards to compliance with applicable codes. Additionally, Code Compliance is also responsible for approximately 4 miles of inland waterways of the Channel Islands Harbor.

The Code Compliance Unit handles an average of 7,000 complaints per year which result in 16,000 to 18,000 inspections by staff. Approximately 15% of the cases handled each year are for substandard housing, with the remainder being for property maintenance, weed abatement, zoning violations, unpermitted vendors and other business related issues.

The Code Compliance Unit is staffed by one manager, two Senior officers, ten officers and two administrative staff. One Senior officer and one officer position are vacant at this time due to budgetary issues. There is approximately one officer per 20,000 people. The unit operates 7 days a week, with weekend staff emphasis on patrolling all the city parks.

Donna AngellBeat 11 & 12385-75797:30 - 6:00Tu-Fr
Steven BoychuckBeat 21385-79437:30 - 6:00Tu-Fr
Miguel ArrizonBeat 22385-79457:30 - 6:00Tu-Fr
Roger BrooksBeat 23385-79447:30 - 6:00Mo-Th
Grace BlasBeat 31385-79227:30 - 6:00Su-We
Rockie WilkinsBeat 31385-79247:30 - 6:00We-Sa
Christina GalindoBeat 32385-82667:30 - 6:00Mo-Th
Dawne KorandaBeat 41385-79237:30 - 6:00Su-We
Johanna GarciaBeat 42385-82997:30 - 6:00We-Sa
Larry McGrathSenior Officer385-79647:30 - 6:00Mo-Th
Rob SilversteinManager385-82637:30 - 6:00Tu-Fr
Betty FloresOffice Staff385-79427:30 - 6:00Tu-Fr
Maria GutierrezOffice Staff385-79407:30 - 6:00Mo-Th
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