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Chief Jeri Williams has been the Chief of Police with the Oxnard Police Department since January 2011. The City of Oxnard is the largest municipal agency in Ventura County and employs roughly 400 sworn and civilian employees. Prior to becoming the Police Chief in Oxnard, Williams rose through the ranks of the Phoenix Police Department, where she retired as the Assistant Chief of the Southern Division. She was responsible for 1,000 sworn and civilian personnel and over half of the City's 500 plus square miles.

Chief Williams is known for her community-based policing experience and has worked to establish partnerships with the various members, businesses and other stakeholders in the City of Oxnard. Following several critical incidents that adversely impacted the City of Oxnard, Williams has shown responsible, accountable and transparent leadership in the face of adversity. This leadership has increased the accessibility of the department to those whom are served by the Oxnard Police Department.

"The Oxnard Police Department is one of the most professional agencies in the state of California. We adhere to our Core Values which embrace respect, a strong work ethic, community partnerships, reverence for all laws, cultural diversity, honesty and integrity, and a value for the public’s trust. We are also committed to suppressing crime, customer service, community policing and empowering employees at all levels to exercise leadership and problem solving skills.”

Contributing to Chief Williams’ strong leadership and organizational management style is a broad educational background. Williams holds a BS Degree from Arizona State University, a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, where she has also completed her Comprehensive Examinations in pursuit of her Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Chief Williams is well known as approachable, sincere, with a natural command presence upon which members of the community and department can rely to "get the job done" with integrity, hard work and dedication.

On a personal note, Chief Williams has been married to her husband, Judge Cody Williams (South Phoenix Justice of the Peace) for 24 years and has two college-aged sons, Alan and Cody.

Protecting Our Community with Exceptional Service.