Training Unit

The primary objective of the Training Unit is to administer a training program that will provide for the professional growth and development of Oxnard Police Department personnel. By doing so, the Police Department will ensure that its personnel possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a professional level of service which meets the needs of the community we serve. This training is accomplished by an extensive combination of the following:

  • Pre-Academy curriculum (2 weeks)
  • P.O.S.T.-approved Police Academy (Approx. 20 weeks)
  • Post-Academy curriculum (3 weeks)
  • Field Training Program (Approx. 4 months)
  • P.O.S.T.-mandated Perishable Skills Training (Driving, Firearms, Tactical Communications, Defensive Tactics) (24 hours every 2 years)
  • Continued In-Service and Job-Specific Training

In addition to coordinating all department-related training, the Training Unit also acts as a liaison with Human Resources for all Workers Compensation issues. Emphasis is placed on reducing the number of work hours lost to industrial injuries by focusing on improved treatment methods, expedited diagnosis processes, and the utilization of modified duty agreements to transition employees back to full-duty.

Sergeant Marc Amon805.385.8300
Administrative Assistant Denise Brennecke805.385.7762
  • To develop and maintain the department's master training plan.
  • To coordinate and schedule all department in-service, squad room, and continued professional training.
  • To act as the liaison between the department and the City of Oxnard's Workers' Compensation Coordinator.
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