Specials Services Unit

The primary objective of the Special Services Unit is to recruit, test, and hire highly-qualified applicants to work amongst the approximately 390 approved positions within the Oxnard Police Department. The Special Services Sergeant, with assistance from a vast array of department personnel, coordinates recruiting efforts throughout Southern California in an attempt to find the very best people to serve the citizens of Oxnard. Upon submitting an application, candidates undergo a rigorous testing process designed to identify the best candidates for each position. The Special Services Unit is also tasked with a wide variety of responsibilities including: building maintenance, equipment appropriation, promotional processes, and concealed weapons permits. For additional information on the application and background process, please read the following article: Oxnard Police Background Investigations.

Sergeant Eduardo Miranda805.385.7725
Administrative Assistant Denise Brennecke805.385.7765
  • To direct and coordinate all recruiting efforts within the department.
  • To oversee and coordinate the hiring of all sworn and civilian personnel within the department.
  • To coordinate promotional processes within the department.
  • To maintain and coordinate repairs of the public safety building and parking lot.
  • Additional duties may include grant management, coordination of department ceremonies, and coordination of concealed weapons permit requests.
If you are interested in a career with the Oxnard Police Department, please feel free to call the above-listed personnel or go to the following link: Join the Oxnard P.D. Team


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