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Nuisance Animal Complaint Procedure

Oxnard Animal Safety Unit receives numerous complaints regarding excessively barking dogs and other "noisy" animals. These calls are considered part of the "Nuisance Complaint Procedure." The following information will be helpful in resolving the nuisance situation, if it exists, and in determining what action to be taken by the Oxnard Animal Safety.
The Oxnard Animal Safety Unit enforces ordinances prohibiting the ownership or maintenance of animal nuisances in the city limits of Oxnard. The ordinance addresses certain animal activities that can be construed as nuisance behavior such as excessive barking, infliction of injury to a person or other animal, destruction of property and vicious or threatening behavior.
The most frustrating problem for most residents is the barking dog. Regrettably, this is a frequent complaint, which is very frustrating for those who are being deprived of the comfortable enjoyment of their homes by noisy animals. While Animal Safety Unit will make every effort to help resolve these complaints, we cannot do anything without the assistance and cooperation of you and your neighbors. The following is intended to explain the role as one initiating the complaint.
Print and fill out completely the PRELIMINARY NUISANCE COMPLAINT FORM and fax or mail it to Oxnard Animal Safety.
The process for resolving nuisance barking complaints is as follows:
  • The preliminary complaint form must be submitted by mail or fax to Animal Safety Unit to initiate the process.
  • The Animal Safety Unit will verify the form and will check the involved animal’s license and rabies vaccination.
  • A written notification will be sent to the owner/keeper of the alleged nuisance.
  • For the meantime, we strongly urge the complainant to begin the maintenance of a "barking" log detailing the date, time and duration of the barking.
  • The owner of the alleged nuisance dog(s) is given up to 14 days to resolve the situation.
  • If the problem continues, the complainant should contact Oxnard Animal Safety Unit administrative office at (805) 385-7640 to file a formal complaint. A formal complaint packet will be sent to the complainant.
  • The complainant and co-complainant(s) must complete the forms and mail them back to Animal Safety Unit along with the logs of dates and times of barking nuisances over a period of at least 14 days.
  • Upon receipt of the completed Formal Complaint Forms and the corresponding "barking" logs, a formal notice will be sent or delivered to the owner/keeper of the alleged nuisance dogs. This letter defines the nuisance laws and outlines the legal proceedings that will follow if the nuisance is not abated.
  • The owner/keeper of the alleged nuisance dog(s) is now given another 14 days to resolve the situation.
  • If the problem persists, the complainant must notify the administrative office at (805) 385-7640 and request that the process go forward and a hearing date will be set.
  • Notices of the date, time and location of the hearing will be served or sent to the owner of the alleged nuisance and all parties involved in the complaint.
  • If any party in the action is unable to attend the hearing at the date/time scheduled, they should immediately contact the administrative office to request a postponement.
  • If at any time during the process the situation is resolved and the complainant(s) wish to withdraw the request for a hearing, the complainant must contact the administrative office immediately.
  • Should the situation reappear, the complainant will need to send a new complaint form along with an updated barking log and a written request to reinstate the complaint.

Hopefully, the matter will be resolved with the first contact, so everyone in that neighborhood can live in peace and comfort.

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