Owning a dog is a big responsibility. It is like caring for another child! This responsibility extends past the proper care and training for your dog but also to your dog's behavior. Oxnard City Code Section 5-42 requires dog to be on a leash. All dogs must be under the control of the guardian at all times. This means when the dog is not on your property, it must be under your direct control. The best way to control your dog is with a leash. This law aims to protect the health and safety of our citizens. In the City of Oxnard, dogs may not run at large in places open to and used by the public such as the public beach, street, sidewalk, alley, or park without the owner or another responsible person capable of controlling the animal on a leash. When animals are not on a leash, they must be restrained either behind a fence or in some other enclosure that will prevent their escape. A leash can save your dog's life and can keep your dog out of fights, out of garbage cans, out of traffic, and out of dangerous places. But most of all, it can keep your dog close to you so he won't get lost.


No person shall permit any dog owned, harbored or controlled by that person to be on any public beach, street, sidewalk, alley, park or place of whatever nature open to and used by the public unless the dog is securely leashed, and the leash is continuously controlled by a responsible person capable of controlling such dog or unless such dog is securely confined in a motor vehicle.


Section 5-42 does not apply to dogs:
  1. Actively engaged in dog shows or field trials;
  2. Actively engaged in hunting game upon public property which is open for such hunting;
  3. Maintained, trained and used exclusively for the working, herding or guarding of other animals, while such dog is actively engaged in such working, herding or guarding;
  4. Located in an area of any public beach designated and posted by the city manager or designee as a leash-free area of the city; and
  5. Trained and authorized as police service dogs.
  6. Please be a responsible pet owner and abide by the law. Violations are a minimum penalty of one hundred dollars ($100.00).

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