Oxnard Animal Safety Unit receives numerous complaints regarding excessively barking dogs and other "noisy" animals. This is a frequent complaint, which is very frustrating for those who are being deprived of the comfortable enjoyment of their homes. These calls are considered part of the "Nuisance Complaint Procedure."
The city ordinance addresses certain animal activities that can be construed as nuisance behavior such as excessive barking, infliction of injury to a person or other animal, destruction of property and vicious or threatening behavior. The Oxnard Animal Safety Unit enforces ordinances prohibiting the ownership or maintenance of animal nuisances in the city limits of Oxnard.
While Animal Safety Unit will make every effort to help resolve these complaints, we cannot do anything without the assistance and cooperation of you and your neighbors.

What can you do to stop your dog from barking? Find out why your dog is barking.

If your dog is constantly barking because he wants to get out of where you have confined him
  • The last thing to do is to let him out because he's barking. Calm your dog first until he's quiet for a few minutes, then let him out; otherwise you have just reinforced his bad behavior.
  • Leave things to occupy him, favorite toy, etc. Rotate the toys for change.
  • If your dog is barking because you left him home alone
  • Train your dog not to bark. Put him in a room with something to amuse him such as toys. When he starts barking again, come in and tell him something like "No!", or "Stop!" and reinforce that as a word that gives him the idea that you want him to stop barking. Praise him when he does. It may take a while to see the improvement but ongoing training will help him understand what you would want him to do.
  • Leave the radio on for company.
  • If your dog is barking at everyone, anytime, or anywhere
  • You might want to ask yourself if he gets enough exercise. Is he bored? Hungry?
  • And if you have done everything you could to stop him from barking and your dog continues to bark so much, consult your vet. You may need to take further action.


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